Indoor, 2023-2024 (Brantford Over 35 Soccer)

This League is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
Touch Up Indoor33009167+90.6963-0-0W3vs. Locol Indoor, 2-3 (W)
Locol Indoor32106129+30.5712-1-0L1@ Touch Up Indoor, 2-3 (L)
T&C Delivery Indoor2110398+10.5291-1-0L1vs. Locol Indoor, 7-4 (L)
Rossini Indoor21103810-20.4441-1-0L1@ Touch Up Indoor, 3-7 (L)
Matress Miracle Indoor1010023-10.4000-1-0L1vs. Locol Indoor, 3-2 (L)
Co-Operators Norbruis Group Indoor1010035-20.3750-1-0L1vs. Rossini Indoor, 5-3 (L)
Walker's No Frills Indoor1010026-40.2500-1-0L1vs. Touch Up Indoor, 6-2 (L)
Laracy Tax Indoor1010015-40.1670-1-0L1@ T&C Delivery Indoor, 1-5 (L)
Regular Season
Laracy Tax Indoor2115244910649+570.6847-1-2W1vs. Rossini Indoor, 2-6 (W)
Locol Indoor211443458951+380.6367-2-1W2vs. T&C Delivery Indoor, 3-8 (W)
Rossini Indoor2112633910258+440.6385-3-2L2@ Laracy Tax Indoor, 2-6 (L)
Touch Up Indoor211191348070+100.5335-4-1L1vs. Walker's No Frills Indoor, 4-3 (L)
Walker's No Frills Indoor217113247495-210.4386-1-3W1@ Touch Up Indoor, 4-3 (W)
Co-Operators Norbruis Group Indoor217140216394-310.4011-9-0W1@ Matress Miracle Indoor, 6-2 (W)
Matress Miracle Indoor2151511653108-550.3291-8-1L1vs. Co-Operators Norbruis Group Indoor, 6-2 (L)
T&C Delivery Indoor2141431565107-420.3782-6-2L1@ Locol Indoor, 3-8 (L)